Brazilian Lace Closure




Top Quality Lace Closures made with 100% Brazilian Remy human hair. The size of the base is 3.5"x 4", and we also offer a 5"x 5" option.                                     
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Closures are an essential part of any full sew-in, especially if you are not wanting any leave-out. The 3.5" x 5" base lace closures will complement your style just the way you want them to and help you achieve the exact look you desire.

Our Lace Top Closures are perfect for your sew-ins to help you achieve that natural look. Our closures can be blended to look very realistic and are known for being thin and long lasting. Made with the highest quality Frence lace and stitched to perfection with a natural part and baby hair in the front, these are the most natural looking closures anywhere in the world.



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